Matt Wins Ju-Jitsu Medal!

6th of November 2011

I leave my home at Long Reef beach, drive out to Five Dock leisure centre for the Events Brazilian Ju Jitsu(BJJ) NSW masters titles and no Gi open titles. I have entered the 70-76kg blue belt division.
I am nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. The feeling is like I’m about to paddle out 15 foot German Banks.
The feeling of not knowing what will happen is great.
I have been training in the sport for 4 years. BJJ is a great sport! You can win by points or submissions (choking the opponent out or putting them in an arm lock).
I have been training for 4 weeks leading up to the fight with my coach Peter King a BJJ black belt. Anthony Lange has also been training me as well.
I have stopped drinking beer for 14 days, eating friut salad and lean meats to drop 3 kilos for the fight. I sneak in there bang on 76kgs.

I make the final against Peter Barbanera. Peter has just beaten Tim Rudd in the semi final. A tough match by both guys.
Peter and I are wrestling from standing trying to throw each other to the ground. We both have the same body types. Stocky. We can’t take each other down. We both try to throw each other down, we hit the deck. Pete has me in half guard, I pass to side control. 3 points to me. Pete tries to bust out. I go to knee ride and get another 2 points. I am winning 5 points to nil. The boys scream out that I have 1 minute to go… I hold Peter in side control.
I finish the match as a winner! I am stoked. I got the Title!!

Thanks to all the boys for all the wrestling and training. Pete King thanks for all the rare coaching. Keeping me fit for the next big swell.
Time for a beer I reckon.

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