Manly Surf School exclusively use the soft, fun, safe surfboards named Softboards. Made by Softboards Australia since 1999, the boards are constructed from A-grade polyethethylene with a high density slick bottom, non rash decking material and soft fins. Softboards provide a completley safe surfing experience compared to hard fibreglass surfboards.

Surfing NSW endorses Softboards Australia for safety, durability and performance and endorse Softboards Australia as the leader of Softboards designs worldwide.

To learn more about Softboards visit the Softboards Australia website:


O’neill Wetsuits

We also provide O’neill wetsuits to keep you warm and comfortable all year round. O’neil are the industry leaders in wetsuit design and manufacturing and their wetsuits are soft, flexible and easy to wear even if you’ve never worn a wetsuit before.

Visit the O’neill website:

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