Surfing Lessons

Manly Surf School runs classes every day. Our surf lessons cater to all levels of ability, fitness and age

Kids Group Lessons LOW TIDE

Who is this lesson for?

Kids of all levels of ability, fitness from 5 years and older. The daily group lessons are a mixed class of adults and kids so you can surf with your kids! Or if you prefer, a private group lesson or birthday party can be arranged just for the kids.

Matt and his team of instructors run 4 group classes daily for kids & adults, come rain or shine, even in winter. All kids are provided with the right surfboard, wetsuit and placed in the right age group to get them having the most fun and learning quicker.

It is advisable to book all children into low tide sessions for group lessons. If you are unsure, please refer the tide chart in the link below or call us on 9932 7000.

What's Included?

Rash vests


*Terms and conditions apply: Pricing packages are for 1 individual only and cannot be shared amongst friends or family. Pricing packs expire after a year.

Group Sessions Children
1 Surf Lesson $70
2 Surf Lessons $110
3 Surf lessons $150
4 Surf lessons $190
5 Surf lessons $220
6 Surf lessons $250
7 Surf lessons $280
8 Surf lessons $310
9 Surf lessons $340
10 Surf lessons $370

* Seasonal prices apply from December to January

Birthday Parties:

Choose from one of our 3 locations for your child or teen’s next birthday party. Keep the kids active and let us do the hard work whilst you relax on the beach. Our birthday parties have proved to be a popular program for the kids over the years. Be sure to bring a camera to document the fun!
• Call (02) 9932 7000 to enquire about availability.
• 1.5 hour lesson
• $50 per person for 5-12 kids OR
• $45 per person for 13-40 kids
• 1 instructor to 6 students
• Minimum of 5 kids

Private Group Lessons:

Private group lessons can be arranged for a minimum of 5 kids at a cost of $60pp for a 1.5 hours lesson. One Instructor will be provided for every 5 – 6 kids.
To book call 9932 7000.

Lesson Times

Daily group lessons run for 1.5 hours and we have 4 sessions running daily:

Summer time

9:00am – 10:30am,
11am – 12:30pm,
1:00pm – 2:30pm and
03:00pm – 4:30pm.

Winter time

9:00am – 10:30am,
11am – 12:30pm,
1:00pm – 2:30pm and
03:00pm – 4:30pm.

*It is advisable to book a low tide session for children attending the group lesson.

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