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If you are looking to book an Adult Group Lesson you can use our online booking system with the links below. Once you have clicked on the location you will be required to create a user profile (If you already have an account you can login using your existing profile information). Once you have created a profile you will be able to select a lesson date and then a lesson time subject to availability. You can then confirm the booking via online payment.


The most important factor for beginners is the tide. The tide alternates between high and low twice daily. A Lower tide is best suited for beginners, smaller children and anyone who is a little nervous!

Alternatively, students who have previously surfed unbroken, green waves and have good swimming ability will benefit from a Higher tide. The tide times vary from day to day so it is important to book with this in mind. We can help you out with these enquiries.

If you wish to plan ahead and you cannot phone us, please see the link below showing the tide times in Sydney for the next 6 months. Once you decide which date you wish to surf, simply check the tides for that day and book the appropriate session via our website.

Tide tables PDF Link

If you are looking for a different type of lesson please call us directly on 02 9932 7000 or email us at

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