Fraser Dovall U18 Australian Champion


Fraser Dovall, 15 years old from Avalon Won the Australian Title U18 Blue Ribbon event yesterday. 
It was a frantic Final with NSW Champion Monty Tait leading the final with Luke Hynd and Jacob Willcox. Fraser was coming 1 minute to go.  Fraser took a 2 metre left hander of the Leader Monty Tait and Smashed  two powerful backhand  re-entries to lock in a 9.5 point ride and take the lead. Monty needed a 4 point ride to overcome Fraser . The clock counted down and Fraser was the new Australian Champion. Fraser was Chaired up the beach by his fellow Surfing NSW Team Mates.  (Fraser 1st, Monty Tait, 2nd, Luke Hynd 3rd, Jacob Willcox 4th, Mikey Wright 5th).

It was a great week for the Surfing NSW Team . High Performance Coaches Matt Grainger (Surfing NSW High Performance Coach), Blake Johnston (NSW Coaching Director),Glenn Hall (WCT Surfer), Sandra English , Martin Dunn and Andy KIng( SURFING Australia Head Coach) conducted a 2 day Training camp running the 35 person squad through  various training drills to get the team Sharp and focussed. 

Fraser had a great preparation plan leading up to the Australian Titles. He went on a Surf Trip to the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra scoring a 2-3 metre swell surfing Green Bush, HTs and Macaronis. Honing his backhand attack.

He started a 6 week High Performance Training Program with Matt Grainger with  Manly Surf School / High Performance Surf Coaching , with 9 of his fellow Team Mates at Knox College training twice a week.  He Trained with his fellow school mates on Technique and competition drills,at Long Reef Beach scoring some good swells.  Fraser did regular Fitness Training sessions with Mick Seaton to improve his core strength and leg power.  Fraser Continues to train with Matt Grainger in between competition. 

Fraser started surfing as a 6 year old attending a Manly Surf School program at Palm Beach  9 years ago, taught by fellow Avalon surfer Shane Conwell. We went to surf with his dad Andy Dovall. Fraser will be teaching at Palm Beach these school holidays teaching young kids alongside Shane Conwell. 

Fraser has come full circle willing to impart knowledge and expertise onto the next Australian Champion.

He will also be heading to P Pass with his mum Sue and Andy Dovall to work on his frontside tube riding in January.

Fraser is sponsored by Channel Islands, Rip Curl and FCS. 

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