Matt Grainger talks with Swellnet about advanced surf coaching

So what type of technical advice are you offering?
For technical, looking at all the way from foundations like your paddle on technique to using the wave, getting speed, all the way down to the bottom turn, re-entry, cutty and the higher level guys doing aerials and air reverses, so depending on the level we tailor it to that person.


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Group lessons Packages

Pricing Packages are available:

  • 1 lesson is $80 (adults) and $70(kids);
  • 4 pack is $210 in total;
  • 10 packs are $400
Private Packages
  • 1 x lesson is $125 for adults and kids
  • 3 pack of 1 hour private lessons is $300
  • 5 pack of 1 hour private lessons is $475


Terms and Conditions:
Payment for pricing packs need to be made upfront.
Packages last for 12 months from the date of purchase.
Packages deals are for one person only.

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