Manly Surf School coaches ride 15ft+ German Banks

Manly Surf School coaches ride 15ft+ German Banks


On Wednesday the 18th of May, Long Reef outer bombie the German Banks resembled Sunset Beach Hawaii with some bombs 10- 12 feet, some even bigger.

Manly surf School coaches Ollie Dousett, Scott Romain and Matt Grainger. Decided to paddle out on their purpose built boards for the break. Scotty on a beefed up 8’6 Psillakis , Matt on his German custom Psillakis 9’4 and Ollie on Matt’s 8 foot Grant “twiggy ” Baker board.

The boys tried paddling through the beach break and got axed. Deciding to take the 1.5km long route instead from Woosa rock. After a 15 minute paddle the boys were ready. Matt and Scotty grabbing a few first on the boil. Ollie was next up and didn’t disappoint.

The boys exchange some great waves over the next 3 hours.

Chucky and Sean Woolnough were getting some sick ones on the ski. The boys got some sick pits on their 5’`10 Warner tow board.

Seal Pup and Burnetty, started whipping the boys into some, in between paddles. Thanks fellas. Reg Grainger paddled out on his 6’10 Psillakis and snagged some great ones. Seal pup also whipped him in.

Carl Musker paddled out with Rob France and BJ.

All the boys were hooting, frothing and getting smashed.

Zahn and Kano ventured out the ski for a few big ones. Kano getting a monster left. Zahn all class, getting barrels of course. The Prenters, Bunta and Chris came out for some sick ones.

Ollie, Scotty, Chucky and Matt were still standing after 7 hours of 10-12 foot bombs. Happy, tired and stoked. Thanks

Check out all the photos on our Facebook page.

To Huey and the Longy bombies. Bring on the next swell.

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