Surfs up in Bali

Hey guys!

Just did a family trip from Broome to Albany 5,500 kms. Surfing, fishing, snorkelling and hiking. Great times. Amazing sites. We arrive back from Western Australia.
A 10-12 foot swell is about to hit Indonesia. My wife Kristy says go for it. I ring a few mates. Anthony Van Burren AKA donut, is the only taker. We fly to Bali, then at 6am meet at Kuta beach for a 2 hour boat ride to the famous left of the 80’s/90’s, G land.
At the beach ready to board the boat is surfing big wave royalty. It seems everyone has the same idea. Big waves chargers: Mark Matthews, Marty Paridisi, Dean Morrison, Koa Rothman, Makua Rothman, Mikala Jones, Twiggy Baker, Tom Lowe, Daniel Vardy are all ready for the swell.
Jarrod, kimbo and Predator are all ready there.
Photographers Jason Childs and Gene Kreyd are there ready to shoot.
The boys putting on a show, ripping the place to bits. Making some great drops and threading some deep tubes.

Donut and myself manage to grab a few on the big day as well. The one thing I learnt from all the pro’s, is that it doesn’t matter who you are . It is about sharing the line up, getting stoked and enjoying a cold Bintang at the end of the day. Thanks for a great week fellas. Thanks to Puma and Jackie from Bobby’s G land camp.

– Matt G

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